Transport Assessments

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) required Transport Assessments to be submitted alongside planning applications for major developments and transport Statements for small schemes.

We prepare Transport Assessments to consider the following new development proposals:

  • Accessibility of the site by all modes of travel;
  • Suitability of the site for development against current national and local planning policy on land use and transport;
  • Consideration of access, including visibility requirements based on existing traffic speeds in accordance with the Design Manual  for Roads and Bridges and the Manual for Streets;
  • Design of access arrangements for site vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and for emergency use in accordance with relevant local design guidance issued by the local Highway Authority;
  • Servicing arrangements, including use of AutoTrack software to ensure that layouts can accommodate the swept paths of vehicles;
  • The level of car and cycle parking provision to ensure it complies with current policy and is sufficient to meet expected demand;
  • Predicted development trip generation/attraction using the TRICS and TRAVL databases and Census data;
  • Identification of the distribution of the additional traffic associated with the proposed development on the local road network;
  • Junction capacity assessments using PICADY (for priority T-junctions and crossroads), ARCADY (for roundabouts), LINSIG (for stand-alone signal junctions) and TRANSYT (for networks of linked signal junctions)