Flood Risk Assessments

  • Flood plain compensation schemes;
  • River modelling;
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS);
  • Sewer/water course diversions;
  • Surface water drainage strategy;
  • Attenuation design to 1 in 100 year + 20% or 30% for climate change using Micro–drainage;
    • Soakaway design;
    • Flood contouring

We specialise in NPPF Flood Risk Assessments and all aspects of drainage design.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is a policy to which all developers are bound if they intend to gain planning approval for their development.

We have been successful in gaining approval for difficult sites even if they are within Flood Zone 3a with advice on building location and levels.

NPPF includes a requirement for a Flood Risk Assessment to accompany the planning application for any site over 1 hectare, even if the site is not within a recognised flood plain. The Flood Risk Assessment is required to ensure that a surface water drainage strategy has been clearly thought through at an early stage.

We can incorporate SuDS in all of our drainage strategies as required by the Environment Agency.

We can also carry out River and Stream modelling using 1D/2D software to calculate accurate flood levels to critical storm return periods such as a 1 in 100 or 1 in 200 year probability.

Due to our decades of drainage design experience we are aware of the Environment Agency’s requirements and have developed close relationships with planning liaison and flood officers in many EA offices.