Provision of Flood Risk Management Services

The Flood and Water Management Act (FWMA) has seen a step change in terms of accountability and clarifying responsibilities together with facilitating an environment for improved co-operation between the various flood “risk management authorities”. The transfer of private sewers to the water companies occurred on the 1st October 2011, the commencement for adoption of new private sewers expected in 2013 (S42 of the FWMA). The Commencement of Schedule 3 (estimated to occur in 2014) will see the establishment of the SuDS Approving Body (SAB) within County Councils and Unitary Authorities.

Minimising Risk

The development sector is particularly at risk if the above requirements are not being accommodated within current and future development proposals. Whether it is during the due diligence and acquisition, masterplanning or the detail design stages of a scheme, consultation with the various flood “risk management authorities” (e.g. lead local flood authority, Environment Agency, water companies etc.) is required to manage risk in terms of scheme viability.

Maximising Value

Ardent Consulting Engineers’ strength is our ability to work in partnership with our Clients both in the Private and Public sector arenas. We help them to realise their aspirations whilst delivering their flood and water management responsibilities from an economic, environmental, social and sustainable perspective minimising risk and uncertainty. Our aim is to ensure value is provided across the life time of the project from feasibility to detail design through to commission. This is achieved by employing a managed and adaptive approach to problem solving in the face of predicted climate change.