Public Sector Services

The various flood risk and environmental legislative requirements have resulted in Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) taking a greater role in addressing flood risk management. An integrated approach is now being taken by the LLFA with respect to how best to deliver and discharge their duties. This requires LLFA to work in unison with their colleagues within the authority and their flood risk management authority partners. In addition, the LLFA must work with the private sector where possible in terms of a partnership approach in addressing flood risk.

A number of staff have already worked with Lead Local Flood Authorities and the various risk management authorities to deliver in part or whole their Local Flood Risk Management Strategies/Plans. Ardent continue to assist LLFAs in adopting and discharging their new duties under the Flood and Water Management Act and Flood Risk Regulations.

A list (although not exhaustive) of flood risk management services Ardent provided to our public sector Clients are identified below:

  • Assist in the preparation of Local Flood Risk Management Strategies/plans and ensure they are consistent with the national strategy and local requirements;
  • Identify when the Council need to investigate a flood event and consult with the various risk management authorities;
  • Ensure the asset register is updated as and when it becomes know that a structure or feature is likely (in the opinion of the authority) will have a significant impact on flood risk, data collection hardware/software provision, field survey and inspection compatible with Environment Agency systems;
  • Designation of features/third party assets (section enacted);
  • Consenting on ordinary watercourses – Flood Defence Consent and enforcement issues;
  • Review Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) and Specialist flood modelling 1/2d sewer and fluvial;
  • Assist in establishing the protocol for the SuDS Approving Body (SAB) internally and externally;
  • Undertake Strategic Flood Risk Assessments, Surface Water Management Plans, Preliminary Flood Risk Assessments and Water Cycles;
  • Undertake FRAs for the LLFAs for their own projects;
  • Provide an Expert Witness service for contentious land drainage issues;
  • Prepare FDGiA funding applications in accord with Environment Agency/DEFRA criteria;
  • Prepare Project Appraisal Reports (PAR) for flood defense schemes and provide representation at the Project Appraisal Board (PAB) (added this service)
  • Undertake the detail design of flood mitigation works informed by detailed 1d/2d modelling;
  • Flood risk project and resilience design, contract documents, site supervision and CDM; and
  • Investigation into the cause and possible solution of flooding events.

In addition to the above duties, we also when required:

  • Brief members in terms of flood risk management and the implications for the Council; and
  • Attending a number of public or internal evening meetings throughout the course of the year.