Our specialist team of environmental specialists, hydraulic modellers and civil engineers have the expertise to assess risks to and arising from oil and petrochemical storage facilities. Our tailored service informs MATTE assessments in accordance with industry standard CDOIF guidance, enabling accurate risk analysis and mitigation information to inform site safety reports as required by the COMAH regulations.

Using the latest hydraulic modelling software and 3D Models of the site Ardent can visually various loss of containment scenarios specified by the Client. Visual representation in the form of digital animations and maps can help owners and operators assess effectiveness of existing containment measures and also identify where new mitigation measures could be implemented.

Our services comprise the following:

  • Produce dynamic 3D elevation models of the site environment using topographical survey and LiDAR;
  • Produce high resolution 3D spill simulations;
  • Recommend design and implement appropriate containment mechanisms;
  • Assess and model flood risk to facilities from coastal, river, ground and surface water;
  • Assess resilience of facility to flooding for a range of scenarios;
  • Recommend design and implement appropriate flood risk mitigation measures;
  • Produce emergency flood plans to support overall resilience and business continuity.


For further information please contact Brian Cafferkey.