For the past several years, Ardent Consulting Engineers (Ardent) have assisted our clients in assessing risk associated with “loss of containment” and designing and implementing mitigation within their facilities. Our team of environmental specialists, hydraulic modellers and civil engineers have the expertise to assess risks arising from loss of containment within chemical and oil storage facilities.

Our services are tailored to provide a screening methodology for carrying out a COMAH Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA). We undertake qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative assessments based on the advice/information received from our clients which informs MATTE assessments undertaken by our clients in accordance with industry standard CDOIF guidance. Based on the risk identified, Ardent undertake accurate risk analysis and identify mitigation measures to inform site safety reports as required by the COMAH regulations. Ardent also undertake the detail design in line with industry standards and site operational requirements as advised by the client.

Using the latest 3D modelling software, Ardent can simulate various loss of containment scenarios specified by the Client. This informs the source, pathway and receptor model in addition to identifying relevant receptors on and off site. In terms of MATTE thresholds this work will inform on extent, severity and duration of harm. Visual representation in the form of digital animations and maps can help owners and operators assess effectiveness of existing containment measures and also identify where new mitigation measures could be implemented.

A significant risk to the operation of chemical and oil storage facilities is ‘Flood Risk’. This comes in the form of coastal, river, groundwater, sewer, surface water and infrastructure failure. Based on our experience working with the Environment Agency, Local Authorities, other Risk Management Authorities and private sector clients, we are in a position to quantify the risk, advice on mitigation and procure a design.

Our services comprise:

  • Produce high resolution 3D spill simulations and quantify risk;
  • Provide qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative information to Inform MATTE assessments;
  • Recommend design and procure appropriate containment mechanisms based on site operational requirements;
  • Assess and quantify flood risk to facilities from coastal, river, groundwater, sewer, surface water and infrastructure failure;
  • Assess resilience of facility to flooding for a range of scenarios;
  • Produce emergency flood plans to support overall resilience and business continuity.



For further information please contact Brian Cafferkey or Lindsey Ions