Air Quality & Odour

Our specialist team of Air Quality Scientists have many years’ experience in assessing air quality and odour as part of both planning and LAQM processes. We have significant knowledge of both the relevant policy and technical constraints which enables us to carry out the most appropriate and accurate assessment for each project. This supports our work towards delivering healthy, sustainable air quality outcomes for our clients and the areas they work within. All of our air quality and odour team are members of the IAQM.

Our services comprise:

  • Air Quality Assessments;
  • Construction Dust Risk Assessment;
  • Air Quality Neutral;
  • Odour Assessment;
  • Air Quality Dust Management Plan;
  • Sniff tests;
  • Annual Status Reports;
  • Updating and Screening Reports;
  • Air Quality Monitoring;
  • Assessment Review;
  • Due Diligence;Technical Notes

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