Our goal for sustainable legacies

The goal of our sustainable legacies’ strategy is to ensure that the work we do
in partnership with our clients leaves a positive, lasting impact for society and our planet. ​

  • In order to embed net-zero within our projects, we work with clients and partners to drive innovation, in climate resilience, sustainable design, and social value solutions.

  • Through our business we empower our staff to deliver projects that proactively improve social value outcomes to individuals, communities, and society in general.

  • We ensure that our project teams reflect the diversity of the clients and communities we serve.

  • We promote social equity, diversity and inclusion through partnerships with small and minority-owned businesses.​

Our target…

…to achieve operational net-zero status by 2030, guided by our five golden rules…


Implementing a 50 percent reduction in business travel​.


Developing carbon reduction targets in partnership with our supply chain​


We will use cross-industry partnerships to drive decarbonising faster and accelerate change.


Offsetting residual carbon by creating our own nature-based solution projects.


Drive leadership accountability and advocacy through specific sustainable goals/metrics in annual goals.